Habele literacy programs put books in the hands of some of the world’s most remote young readers.

Working with local teachers, Habele equips schools with age-appropriate, relevant books chosen to excite island readers. The effort spans early childhood education centers through high schools. School libraries often double as local community libraries on the most faraway Micronesian islands.


New and gently used books are purchased or gathered and sent directly to educators who make requests to Habele. Gathering books –or donating to pay the cost of sending books– is one of the simplest way volunteers in the United States support Habele.


Habele also provisions schools with local language materials that preserve island languages while supporting students’ ability learn to read English, the lingua franca of linguistically diverse Micronesia. For under-documented languages, Habele has engaged local and western experts to develop new language materials, providing them to local schools, development workers, and researchers.



Targeted book donations spark a love of reading and prepare Micronesian students for a lifetime of learning.