A handful of independent schools scattered across Micronesia have consistently demonstrated graduation rates, test scores, and college entrance rates far beyond those in the public schools.

Situated in the district capitals of Micronesia, these faith-based nonprofit schools depend on modest tuition fees to operate. Even with discounts, many of the lowest income Micronesian families cannot afford the costs.

Habele’s K12 tuition scholarships ensure bright, hardworking students have access to the best education possible. Based on need and merit, these scholarships focus on remote outer island, rural village, and female students.

Each Habele tuition grant is set at a level that maintains family ownership in student achievement while lightening the financial burden. Often scholarships cover between 50 and 75 percent of tuition and fees. Students must maintain and report high levels of academic achievement every term, applying each year for continued support.

Attendance at these schools dramatically increases the likelihood children will complete their K-12 education, and advance to success in higher education. Habele awards tuition scholarships because all students, no matter where they live, should have a fair chance to reach their potential.

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