“Young Island Readers” is a book-a-month donation program that provides children in Yap State from birth to age five a new age appropriate each and every month. In mid-October the 3,000th book this year will reach the Post Office box of a family on Yap.

The heart of Young Island Readers is Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (DPIL). The Imagination Library was founded and created by songwriter, musician, actress, author and business-woman, Dolly Parton, in her hometown of Sevierville, Tennessee in 1996. She envisioned a community-based program providing children with free, home-delivered books from birth to their 5th birthday.
Habele is the “local affilate” or on-the-ground partner for DPIL in Micronesia. Established by former Peace Corps Volunteers, Habele is a US nonprofit, invested in the future and potential of Micronesian students since 2006. Though the program is both effective and efficient, there are still ongoing costs borne by Habele and these are generously provided by the individual Americans who support Habele.


Babyor ko btir rom u Habele!

Habele ea bayi pii ko bitir rom bake babyor ni yu puul, nge mada’ ko ngiyal’ nike gamane lal eduw rok’ ni dariy pulwon. Gamad be a thapeg ni ra ilal ma baadag e bieg babyor. Kugoged ni be’eg babyor ko bitir, ma gubine bitir ni baye duuw rok’ ngatanggine laal, mara yog ninge sign faun ngay.

Ba’ba form ni bay ni pii ngom ningam fill nag mag fulweg ko chaan nike piingom, fa min moen’ ngalangin ere box ni baaray ko “Young Island Readers Dropbox.”

Fa gara yan kore website ne baaray www.habele.org/read mag yiloy fidingam u online. Faan ra gamaa paru dakan e nam nu Waab, ma Habele ea bayi pii yuke babyor ngom ni yu puul u P.O. Box. Faan ra gamaa paru Ulithi, Fais fa Woleai, ma ra yibe yuke babyor nem ngomu sikokiy ko PMA. Faan ra gama paru yugrebe donguchen yu Waab, ma ra I yib e yuke babyor nem ngom nikan tay nga mail bag u barkow.

Yal titi babior mirel Habele!

Pangal meram nge Habele yebe fange seew buuku ngali laum saari gasiyee yela gola lago mena galimouwal yaal birthday. Yetoar paluwel iye book kale. Sitipeli be saari laum yebe mesaigeti gare geshangi geragireg iga yebe fefetaltag. Si faseongiu be “Young Island Readers.” Ye tai tiwegil semaliu saari ye chiil ragil faal limou raagi nge yebe mewl tabeye gare fateofato itale.

Gemaneo shagiu babiyor yeel nge gosa gatefali ngali yaremate la ye ganooge, gare iselilong lani Habele Young Island Readers kagool. Gare golago woal www.habele.org/read be gobe siine longo iyange. Gare go kasog woal Yap, nge yebe seew meram nge Habele yebe fange buuk reel yaamu PO Box. Gare golog woal Ulithi, Fais, Woleai nge PMA yebe gasine tage. Gare golog woal meratag, nge rebe fange tag shiul waafaliuw lani tutul mail.

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