“Weaving Connections” supports Micronesian Weavers in US Mainland

Beautiful loom-woven textiles of Micronesia display an artistry and technical virtuosity unrivaled elsewhere in the Pacific. Chief among them is the lavalava, a woven skirt from the Outer Islands of Yap State, situated in the Western Caroline Islands. A new website aims to ensure this important cultural skill is preserved among weavers who have moved … Continue reading “Weaving Connections” supports Micronesian Weavers in US Mainland

Habele in 90 Seconds

Habele serves students and schools across Micronesia. A nonprofit created by former Peace Corps Volunteers, Habele supports island students by: Scholarships. Habele awards needs-based scholarships to students at Micronesia’s top rated private elementary and high schools. Books. Habele donates books to school libraries across the Federated States, and mails books directly to children before they … Continue reading Habele in 90 Seconds