Friends of Habele,

Once a year, this fundraising letter is sent to a modest list of individual Americans with some personal connection to the Islands of Micronesia. You, the reader, may be a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, formerly of the State Department, family of a serviceman or official who served in the Islands, an academic with regional expertise, or a one-time tourist who fell in love with Micronesia.

Every spring we write asking for support to award K12 tuition scholarships. Promising students who need financial assistance to attend Micronesia’s top-rated schools send us applications. We write checks to the school in the student’s names for a portion of tuition. Their families pay the rest. Over the school year these students provide us report cards, photos and letters.

Each year, the number of scholarships awards depends on the response to this letter and donations made at the end of the calendar year. Deserving requests always exceed Habele’s ability to meet them. Scholarship are entirely funded by individual donations, never grants. That is not for want of grant writing and solicitations. Despite years of attempts, the life-altering scholarships have never received support beyond those sent by private individuals like you.

I am very proud of all of Habele’s work. High school robotics, targeted book donations and cultural mentorships are all highly effective and efficient. But tuition scholarships -the direct investment in the future of a singular young Micronesian working to advance themselves- is what I take greatest pride in.

I hope you feel the same way. Please donate now by check or online at

Thank you,


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