Schools across Micronesia need books for classrooms and school-based libraries. Habele pairs individuals and groups who have books with educators in the FSM who are seeking them. We’ll even pay the postage!

Micronesian schools make specific requests for books to Habele, most often elementary or high school level reading books. Volunteers, donors and other friends of Habele gather and box the books. Habele pairs requests with donations and provides postage and paperwork for the book donor to simply drop the boxes off at a post office. The process is easy.

Thus far in January, Habele volunteers have gathered, donated and sent:

  • 4 boxes of elementary school aged reading books for Woleai Atoll
  • 1 box of elementary school aged reading books for Fais Island
  • 4 boxes of early childhood aged reading books for Eauripik Island

In addition to donations for schools and school-based libraries, Habele also provides books directly to young children on Yap.

Young Island Readers offers all children born in Yap the opportunity to receive one new, age-appropriate, book through the mail each month until their fifth birthday.

Young Island Readers is made possible by the Dollywood Foundation’s Imagination Library which partners with local nonprofits to provide age-appropriate books every month to children up to age five. Habele also collaborates with the Yap State Hospital and Yap Catholic High School to ensure all newborns are signed up. Books are sent, individually wrapped and addresses, through USPS Media Mail.

Established by former Peace Corps Volunteers, Habele is a 501(3) nonprofit supporting Micronesian students.

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